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Although Vivox™ voice is the standard voice solution for SecondLife and many of the large commercial OpenSim grids, Vivox as a company does not currently offer a reasonably priced commercial offering for small OpenSim grids or standalones.  

Vivox do provide a free service for small OpenSim grids and region owners, but the grid/region owner has to agree to a legal agreement which restricts what the grid and the grid/region owner can do whilst using the free Vivox service, namely, as far as we understand the agreement, the grid/region owner has to agree NOT to offer any chargeable services, products or features in connection with the free Vivox service - ie, not to make money from it.

Whilst it is not the goal of Avalonia Virtual to become a full general purpose commercial grid with hundreds of users, we do believe that it is not unreasonable to accept donations from Avalonia Virtual users who wish to donate, or to offer chargeable services such as Premium Memberships for sim rental, with the goal simply to raise funds to help contribute to the running and upkeep of the grid.  This activity however, would, as far as we interpret the agreement, contravene the legal agreement that Vivox imposes on the users of its free service. Therefore it was decided that Avalonia Virtual, could not continue to use Vivox voice and continue with our goals and vision.

TeamSpeak3 was selected as a high quality commercial voice solution replacement, that was reasonably priced, and offered other features that we believe can enhance the user experience for our community and users.

Notable Features of TeamSpeak3 Voice:-

*Restrictions or limitations may be applied for excessive use, or abuse of the Avalonia Virtual TeamSpeak3 voice server.