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Grid Ban Policy

Dear Opensim Hypergrid visitor or Opensim Grid admin/owner. Please read this page if you wish to understand our grid ban policy.

Avalonia Virtual enforces a strict reciprocal grid ban policy.  Simply put this means that if your home grid or you as a grid admin/owner of another grid places a grid block on Avalonia Virtual from visiting your grid - or otherwise uses technical systems to automatically eject our users, we will ban your grid in return possibly without warning or notification.

We do not believe that there is a hierarchy of grids, that some grids are more authoritative and get to dictate if other grids are valid based on any number of variables including grid URL, the type or version of Opensim software they implement.  How many users it has, whether it has an official website or where it is based in the world.  None of these things are the business of other grids or their owners.

Personally I take no joy in blocking other grids and preventing users from said grids from visiting us, but if your home grid has decided to block Avalonia and punish our users, we will not allow such an action to occur without an equal reaction in return.

The purpose of this policy is to encourage open and free movement on the Opensim Hypergrid with tolerance and understanding.  But where grids engage in banning other grids, they should feel the consequence of their actions in return. I hope for the day when saner minds prevail and all grid blocks can be lifted.

Current List of Reciprocally banned grids:-

(All grids on this list have banned/restricted Avalonia users before our block was put in place)







If as a grid admin/owner you believe your grid has been blocked by mistake or you wish to genuinely discuss removing a reciprocal block without preconditions feel free to contact me here Contact

Regrettably if you are simply a user of one of the grids on the list above and you are unhappy that you cannot visit us I would suggest the following - 1, Contact your home grid’s admin and ask them why they have placed a block on Avalonia Virtual which has resulted in a reciprocal block being placed. 2, Create an account on another Opensim grid that is not on the ban list above so you can visit without hindrance.