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Femdom Virtual World Community


About Us - Avalonia Virtual Management Team

Justin Ireman

Grid Owner

Hi, I am Justin. I am the founder and owner of Avalonia Virtual Grid. I make sure the grid and regions are running and deal with all the technical side of things, I am also Head Boy.

Storm Mephisto

Avalonia Management

Hi, I'm Storm, submissive explorer of virtual worlds. Builder, maker, part time comedic genious and collector of oddballs.

Happy to enjoy company along the way but I'm not into guys for anything other than friendship and companionship. So don't try it on as you'll probably find out why I'm called Storm.

Brenden Joseph

Head Boy

Hello, I am Brenden.  Enjoying opensim when I have free time. Also like to meet new people and explore.

Mostly submisive and enjoy femdom and cfnm.

Avalonia Virtual is the Premier and ONLY fully dedicated Femdom virtual world community in the OpenSim Metaverse.  The whole of our grid is dedicated to Femdom and BDSM.  

‘Avalonia Estate’ - as it was then - was founded in 2013 and has gone through a name change since then and evolved over time.  It’s main theme of Femdom has always remained the same since the early days.  But as people have come and gone over the years Avalonia has evolved and changed.

Avalonia is an OpenSim grid where people of a like mind can have fun and enjoy each others company under the theme of Femdom and BDSM.  Whether that be lite fantasy and play, or a more serious dedicated Femdom D/s relationship in world.

People from all backgrounds and walks of life and from all over the world can come to explore and experience the Femdom lifestyle first hand in a safe and controlled virtual environment.

We accept male and female submissives in our community.  Having said that, you DO NOT have to be a dominant female or a submissive to visit Avalonia Virtual on the HyperGrid.  We are an adult community and like to treat all visitors as adults.  As such we have only a few common sense rules for people to abide by.

Avalonia Virtual is a United Kingdom based OpenSim grid - We lease and manage our own server hardware, and so are not reliant on a third party provider to manage any technical issues for us - which ensures a quick response if things go awry.