Avalonia Virtual is also available on the OpenSim HyperGrid

 HyperGrid Address - avalonia-virtual.online:8002

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Using The HyperGrid

What is the HyperGrid?  For those who have never heard of, or used the HyperGrid - in a nutshell - it is the ability to teleport (move) from one OpenSim grid, to another.  For those who have used SecondLife™ and are familiar with teleporting (tping as it is known) from region to region, this works the same way in OpenSim.  The benefit of HyperGrid technology is that it allows OpenSim residents to ‘HG Teleport’ from one OpenSim grid to another without having to sign up and create a new account on the OpenSim grid that you wish to visit.  This allows you to go and explore and visit other OpenSim grids and destinations with ease.

Using the HyperGrid you can make and visit new friends on other grids, or go shopping AND take your inventory with you (all your content).  

There are different security levels available for grid operators when enabling HyperGrid use, that determines how much of their inventory a local user can take with them when visiting other grids. Whilst you may be happy for your entire inventory to be available for your use when you visit another grid, you have to consider that the setting applies to ALL users of the grid, and not to the individual only.  Whilst you may be happy for your entire inventory to be available, others may not.  For instance if you visit another grid, and the owner is unscrupulous, if you access your inventory whilst in their grid, they can see and in effect access or copy all or part of your inventory.  This is not desirable, especially if you are a content creator and you wish to safe guard your creations from being copied by unscrupulous grid owners.

How Do You Use The HyperGrid?

It is very easy and straight forward to use the HyperGrid.  You have two choices.  

As with all web technologies things sometimes don’t always work.  Anyone familiar with SecondLife™ will know that teleports often fail and you have to try again.  The same goes for OpenSim HyperGrid teleporting.  Sometimes you will have to attempt a HG teleport a couple of times before it succeeds.

Remember you can reach Avalonia Virtual from any HyperGrid enabled OpenSim grid by opening yur map window and entering the following address:-


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